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‘Palworld’: Pocket Pair’s New Hit Game – 5 Million Copies Sold in Early Access, Establishing the Monster Collection Survival Open World Genre

Palworld, also known as パルワールド, is a new hit game developed by Pocket Pair, gaining immense popularity in just three days into its early access. The game has marked unprecedented success in recent years, despite the substantial controversy it has incurred, only further boosting its popularity. In the game, aside from dedicated servers, there’s a chance to partially restore other save data as well, with methods disclosed on Palworld JapaneseQ&A.

The PC version (Steam) of Palworld / パルワールド during its early access has reportedly sold over 5 million copies. This suggests the considerable success of Pocket Pair’s new game. The game has also received spotlights, even earning congratulatory remarks from Phil Spencer for its Xbox version.

The game introduces a new genre, monster-collection survival open-world, creating buzz among gamers particularly regarding the expansion methods and levels of the Palbox base.

Moreover, Palworld has claimed the top spot in the Steam sales ranking, standing out among PC games. In the game’s unofficial mod community, the Palworld Modding Community, unique rules have been established, such as banning the sharing of mods that use Pokemon as a motif.

Combining these elements, Pocket Pair’s Palworld / パルワールド continues to enchant many with its innovative form of gaming.


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