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Princess Kako, the second daughter of Prince Akishino and his wife, visits the ruins of the Inca Empire – Experiencing Peruvian cultural heritage

Princess Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino Royal couple, made an official visit to Peru in South America, where she inspected Inca Empire-era ruins.

Princess Kako visited the city of Cusco in southern Peru, inspecting the Sacsayhuaman ruins, located about two kilometers from the city. These ruins once thrived as the capital of the Inca Empire. On the morning of the 5th local time, wearing an alpaca pendant, Princess Kako observed these traces, gaining an intimate understanding of their history and culture.

In addition to inspecting the ruins, Princess Kako also visited churches and cathedrals in Cusco. Through these visits, she had the opportunity to directly experience Peru’s cultural heritage and deepen her understanding.

Although the visit was progressing smoothly, she encountered a slight hitch when plans were delayed by a day due to a problem with the aircraft in the United States, which she was connecting through. As a result, Princess Kako’s arrival in the capital city of Lima, Peru, was later than planned, reaching there in the early morning of the 3rd local day.

Some parts of her official visit, Princess Kako will continue to tour the ancient city of Cusco, once the seat of the Inca Empire.


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