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Yoshinao Wo-un successfully re-elected in the Matsumoto city mayoral election in Nagano Prefecture, defeating four candidates including independents and newcomers.

The mayoral election in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture has ended, and the incumbent Yoshihisashi Gaun has won re-election. The election was held due to the expiration of the term, and Mr. Gaun achieved his second victory. Competing were Shunichi Hishiyama, a former executive of Shin-etsu Broadcasting who ran as an independent, Shuntaro Akabane, a former secretary of the House of Representatives, and Takuya Takeuchi, a newcomer and former swimming school coach, with a total of five candidates running.

The voting took place on the 17th and the counting of votes began at 9 pm. As a result, Mr. Yoshihisashi Gaun won by defeating the other four candidates. The winner who prevailed in the close battle held a press conference in the city on the morning of the 18th, commenting, I will carry out city administration for four years with the sympathy and consent of the citizens.

The number of voters in this election was 194,356, the total number of votes was 86,811, and the voting rate was 44.67%. This was a drop of 3.71 points from the previous election. The election results are based on the announcement by the Matsumoto City Election Management Committee at 11:22 pm.


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