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The Mayor of Gifu Prefecture’s Ginan Town indicates his intent to resign after being found guilty of 99 instances of sexual harassment.

It has been confirmed that the Mayor of Kisoji, Hisao Kojima, from Gifu Prefecture’s Ginan Town, has admitted to sexual harassment and indicated his intention to resign. A third-party committee in the town reported that the mayor himself had been found guilty of as many as 99 cases of sexual harassment. The investigation was conducted in response to allegations of sexual harassment from female town employees.

After the problem came to light, the town’s third-party committee conducted a detailed investigation and confirmed the fact that the mayor had committed acts of sexual harassment. As a result, Mayor Kojima apologized to the townspeople for causing them trouble and submitted his resignation on the morning of the 29th.

At a press conference, Mayor Kojima stated that he was both physically and mentally tired, admitted to some of his words and actions constituting sexual harassment, and indicated his intention to resign by the end of May. He actually submitted his resignation to the town council chairman.

A vote of consent is scheduled to take place at a regular town council meeting regarding this issue, and Mayor Kojima has already publicly apologized to the townspeople. The town is now discussing how to handle the situation in case the mayor resigns, and efforts are being made to stabilize the town’s administration under new leadership.

This incident has triggered a reexamination of sexual harassment issues and efforts to tackle them in corporations, local governments, and even the entire nation.


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