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The British Embassy denies false reports of King Charles’s death and calls for caution against the spread of fake news on social media.

On the 18th, there was a moment when false information that Charles, the King of the UK (75), had passed away spread on social media. This news was particularly heavily circulated by users from Russia and Ukraine, and it was also shared on Japanese SNS.

This fake news made the headlines of some tabloid papers, throwing the British people into confusion. In fact, looking at the reactions online, many people expressed confusion and surprise.

However, the British embassies in Ukraine and Russia immediately denied this news. They made clear on social media and the communication app Telegram that the reports of the King’s death were false.

In reality, at the time, King Charles was scheduled to attend the birthday parade Trooping the Colour and despite being in cancer treatment, his eagerness to attend was reported. On the other hand, despite the King’s enthusiasm, the rumors continued to spread.

According to British media, King Charles, who turned 75 this year, is still alive and full of vitality. Therefore, it was reconfirmed that it is important not to be misled by such fake news and to verify accurate information.


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