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An earthquake occurred off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, with a maximum seismic intensity of less than 5 being observed – Caution is advised for aftershocks but there is no concern for tsunamis.

Around midnight on the 15th, an earthquake occurred off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, where the maximum seismic intensity of 5 lower was observed. The earthquake occurred around 12:14 AM.

The epicenter was off Fukushima Prefecture, with an estimated depth of about 50 kilometers. The scale of the earthquake, expressed in magnitude, is estimated at 5.8. Intensity 4 tremors were observed in Fukushima City and Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture.

This information was announced by the Fukushima Regional Meteorological Observatory. The Meteorological Agency is urging people to remain cautious of aftershocks for about a week in areas where the shaking was strong.

The towns of Kawamata and Naraha in Fukushima Prefecture experienced an observed intensity of 5 lower during this earthquake. Nonetheless, these regions and others must continue to remain cautious of aftershocks.

However, there are no concerns about tsunamis due to this earthquake. Residents along the coast and potential visitors can rest assured. But based on past experiences, please pay attention to surrounding circumstances when an earthquake occurs, always access the latest information, and take necessary measures.

Large-scale earthquakes occur regularly in the Kanto and Tohoku regions, including Fukushima Prefecture. Therefore, earthquake preparedness and measures are vital. I would recommend checking evacuation routes to safe places, preparing necessary emergency supplies, and confirming means of contact with family in advance.


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