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Monster Strike ‘Tower of the Conqueror’ Floor 33 Strategy Guide: Basic Points and How to Select Appropriate Characters

In the game Monster Strike, or ‘Monst’, there are many missions, among which ‘Tower of the Conqueror’ stands out as an exciting challenge. Here, we will thoroughly explain how to capture the Tower of the Conqueror as well as the suitable characters to do so.

The Tower of the Conqueror is composed of a total of 50 floors, with different special enemies waiting for players on each floor. In the ‘Tower of the Conqueror 1st Season’, the 33rd floor is particularly challenging to capture.

Firstly, the basic strategy to conquer the 33rd floor is to ‘maintain a distance’ and ‘aim for weaknesses’. Enemies possess the characteristic to attack monsters within a certain range, hence you can reduce the damage by maintaining an appropriate distance. In addition, if you can directly attack the enemy’s weakness, you have the potential to inflict substantial damage with a single hit.

Regarding the suitable characters, reflect-type monsters are recommended. The enemies on the 33rd floor excel at using walls for their attacks, so if you have a reflect-type character, you can easily dodge these indirect wall attacks. In particular, ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Water God Nut’ are recommended characters for the 33rd floor capture due to their superior endurance and attack power.

Also, the use of skills is important. The key to success is not rushing to defeat, but maintaining recovery power and abilities and fighting slowly. Especially monsters with anti-damage walls or those that can nullify status abnormalities will shine on this stage.

These are the basic strategies for capturing the 33rd floor of the Tower of the Conqueror. While the difficulty is high, with proper character selection and strategy, you can conquer it. Overcoming tests with your monsters, aim for the top of the tower.


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