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Finance Deputy Minister Kenji Kanda of the Liberal Democratic Party resigned due to tax delinquency issues, with former Cabinet Office Deputy Minister Akira Akasawa as a candidate for his successor.

Mr. Kanda Kenji (60), Finance Vice-Minister of the Liberal Democratic Party, announced his resignation from the position of Finance Vice-Minister on the 13th, after reports emerged of his tax arrears. Mr. Kanda submitted his resignation, which was accepted at a rotating cabinet meeting on the same day. As a result, it became an effective dismissal by Prime Minister Kishida Fumio.

Mr. Kanda had been criticized for financial issues such as tax arrears in the past and having his own property seized. Therefore, the act of Mr. Kanda, who is regarded as the commander of tax increase, being in tax arrears, aroused considerable controversy. While admitting without a doubt, he expressed his deep regret.

However, it took time for Mr. Kanda to resign. Until last week, he was denying his resignation. However, he ultimately decided to resign in order to avoid impacting the economic measures being promoted by the Prime Minister any further.

Regarding the successor of Mr. Kanda, there are reports saying that the government is aligning to nominate Mr. Akasaka Ryosei, former Vice-Minister of the Cabinet Office from the Liberal Democratic Party. Under the circumstances that Mr. Kanda resigned due to the tax arrears issue, how the government will judge on the new Finance Vice-Minister will likely be watched in the future.


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