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Continued questions and criticism toward discriminatory remarks made by parliament member Mizuho Sugita, recognized as a violation of human rights

Japanese Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Representatives, Mizuho Sugita, continues to face criticism for her discriminatory posts and comments towards ethnic groups such as the Ainu. Ms. Sugita in the past has made fun of individuals involved in Ainu cultural affairs as ‘sucking public funds’ and made posts suggesting that ‘special privileges for Korean residents in Japan’ exist, leading her discriminatory remarks to be called into question.

Both the Sapporo and Osaka legal affairs bureaus has recognized such actions as ‘human rights violations’. This was the result of a human rights relief application made in cooperation with four people. However, Ms. Sugita herself continues to insist, ‘I am not discriminating’.

On the other hand, the Constitutional Democratic Party is severely questioning her behavior, holding a ‘national hearing on human rights violations by Mizuho Sugita’ within the Diet. Also, Yosuke Takagi, the Policy Affairs Research Council Chairman of Komeito, has spoken about Sugita’s conduct regarding the Ainu and Korean residents in Japan, criticizing her actions after her human rights violation was recognized.

This issue is attracting societal attention, and Sugita’s future actions are expected to be even more scrupulously observed. How each representative responds to this issue is garnering attention.


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