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Honorary President of Soka Gakkai, Daisaku Ikeda, dies at 95 – Highly influential in the religious and political spheres

Daisaku Ikeda, honorary chairman of the religious organization Soka Gakkai, is confirmed to have been in a position to guide the dramatic expansion of Soka Gakkai after the war, at the advanced age of 95. He passed away from old age on the evening of November 15 at his home in Shinjuku, Tokyo, as announced by Soka Gakkai on the 18th.

Mr. Ikeda played a crucial role in developing Soka Gakkai into one of the nation’s leading religious groups and contributed to the political sphere in Japan by establishing the Komeito Party. His growth and expansion of influence demonstrate his abilities and dedication as a leader.

His death was also announced on the official website, and his age was corrected to say he was 95 at the time of his death. According to Soka Gakkai, Mr. Ikeda’s funeral was held privately among close relatives.

For Soka Gakkai and Japanese society as a whole, Daisaku Ikeda was a significant figure. His death offers an opportunity to reflect back on his contributions and influence in various fields.


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