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Angela Aki resumes music activities after about 10 years – A new start with the music production for the musical ‘In This Corner of the World’

It has been revealed that singer-songwriter Angela Aki is set to resume her activities in Japan after approximately 10 years. She will be in charge of music production for the musical In This Corner of the World, which will be performed nationwide from May 2024.

Angela Aki is a talented artist who has produced numerous hit songs in the past. However, she indefinitely suspended her music activities in Japan in August 2014. Her announcement to resume her activities comes nearly 10 years later.

One of the most anticipated parts of her return is her involvement in the music production for the musical In This Corner of the World. Angela Aki’s music, filled with her unique sensibilities and expressive power, has been loved by many fans. There is high anticipation to see what kind of music she will create.

In addition, there is also growing expectation for new work from Angela Aki since her single The End of Dreams, The Beginning of Love released in July 2013, and her best album TAPESTRY OF SONGS-THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI, released in March 2014.

The restart of Angela Aki’s career is something that not only music fans, but also many people who loved her music have been looking forward to. With the start of her new activities, there will surely be a lot of attention focused on her future endeavours.


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