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King Gnu official merchandise on sale at Lawson stores nationwide! Special in-store broadcasts by the members are also available.

Hello everyone, we kept you waiting! The official merchandise of the popular band ‘King Gnu’ is now on sale in Lawson stores nationwide. This is a special event to commemorate the expansion of our services from a few stores to nationwide.
To make this release even more exciting, there is an additional surprise announcement. During this period, there will be a special broadcast in Lawson stores made by King Gnu members themselves. You’ll have to visit the store to find out which member’s voice you can hear!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your hands on the official merch of the hugely popular band King Gnu. Furthermore, with the chance to hear special messages from the members, visiting Lawson has become even more exciting.
We invite you to stop by your nearest Lawson store. Enjoy the messages from King Gnu members and limited-edition merchandise. Why not take this opportunity to feel closer to your favorite artists?

You can enjoy this at any Lawson store, so take this opportunity to enjoy shopping at Lawson. Experience a new side of King Gnu and immerse yourself in their world along with their music. There’s no doubt this will bring new excitement and fun to your everyday life.

You can check out the details on King Gnu’s official website and Lawson’s official website. Pay a visit once. You’re sure to find something wonderful waiting for you.


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