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Government Proposes Free University Tuition for Large Families: Aiming for Implementation in Fiscal Year 2025

The government has announced a new measure to make college tuition free as part of its efforts to address the declining birthrate. This is particularly aimed at households with three or more children, with the aim of implementing it from the 2025 fiscal year.

This policy aims to support child-rearing households by reducing the economic burden of education costs and lowering barriers to college admission. The government is committed to multidimensional measures against the declining birthrate, aiming to ensure that all children can have a better life in the future by increasing the opportunities to receive a more fulfilling education.

This policy applies to all multi-child households, with no income restrictions set. As a result, it is believed that by eliminating the burden of college tuition, households will be able to reduce their financial burden and concentrate more resources on their children’s education.

However, there is confusion and dissatisfaction spreading online about this policy. Among them are opinions such as all households should be subject to free education and we should focus on social security reform rather than measures against the declining birthrate.

The details of the policy and the specific methods of operation are currently being adjusted. Various initiatives are planned as part of the efforts to combat the declining birthrate in the future.


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