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HoYoverse releases version 1.6, incorporating new characters and enhancement features – the game experience of space fantasy RPG ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ is further improved.

Game company HoYoverse announced the release of version 1.6, ‘The Crown of Ordinary and Gods’, of the space fantasy RPG ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ on December 27 (Wednesday). This significant update includes new characters Ruan Mei, Dr. Ratio, and Xueyi.

In addition to the introduction of new characters, HoYoverse will make various improvements to enhance the gaming experience of players, such as improving the quick clear function and the difficulty of daily training. These adjustments aim to allow players to complete tasks within the game more efficiently or easily.

Moreover, a limited distribution of ☆5 characters will be planned for specific periods. These characters, provided as rewards, should help make the gameplay more enjoyable and exciting.

Furthermore, HoYoverse also broadcasts information programs to provide the latest information, offering players details about the new version and other important game news.

With these updates, HoYoverse continues to keep the playing experience fresh and appealing for the space fantasy RPG ‘Honkai: Star Rail’.


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