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The volcano in Iceland continues to erupt, with local authorities monitoring the situation and seeking an appropriate response.

Recently, volcanic activity has been reported in Iceland, a Nordic island country known as one of the world’s most volcanic regions. The eruption began on March 18th at a volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula, located in the southwestern part of the country, and according to local meteorological authorities, the eruption is still ongoing.

The volcanic eruption has resulted in a fissure spanning 4 kilometers, from which lava has been spewing. However, the meteorological authorities report that the largest fissure occurred about 3 kilometers away from a nearby town called GrĂ­ndavĂ­k. The force of the volcano has weakened, but lava is still erupting up to a height of about 100 meters.

GrĂ­ndavĂ­k is a fishing town located near the erupting volcano and there have been numerous earthquakes in the area, so residents had already evacuated in advance. In addition to this, Iceland is also a popular tourist region known for its world-famous open-air hot springs.

According to the meteorological authorities, the eruption has been ongoing since late October, accompanied by seismic activity. The country’s disaster prevention authorities have raised the alert level and issued warnings to citizens.

To respond to the current situation, the authorities have indicated a policy of taking necessary measures while carrying out continuous observation.


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