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Milet celebrates her 5th anniversary with the highly successful first arena performance ‘milet 5th anniversary live GREEN LIGHTS’ – With gratitude and love

Thank you very much for your tremendous support for the artist Milet in 2023! As a result of your abundant support and effort in entertainment, Milet was able to celebrate her 5th anniversary. On this special occasion, Milet held her first arena concert, ‘milet 5th anniversary live “GREEN LIGHTS”’, to express her gratitude and love for her fans.

This concert emphasizes the diversity and uniqueness of Milet’s music career, serving as a grand event to share more of her song’s depth, emotions, and unique voice with more people. Her powerful and emotional performances have attracted audiences from various backgrounds and inspired people through her music.

A special early registration was conducted, and a limited number of tickets were offered. The audience was given the opportunity to directly express their enthusiasm to Milet and celebrate her musical journey and growth.

For Milet, this is a milestone to remember and a new stage in her music career. Through her music, she aims to deepen bonds with a wide range of people and to extend her emotional connection with her audience. We kindly ask for your continued support and love for Milet.


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