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Peak homecoming rush at the end of year, highway traffic jam due to new coronavirus impact – Calls for caution against accidents and early confirmation of traffic information

The end-of-year homecoming rush is in full swing, and highway congestion is hitting its peak, especially on the outbound lanes of the highway which are expected to reach their peaks on December 29th, filled with many people going home or on vacation.

According to the Japan Road Traffic Information Center, as of 5:30 pm on the 28th, the inbound Tomi Expressway is already congested. Traffic volume is increasing from the metropolitan area to various regions, and there is a risk of getting caught in traffic jams.

This year marks the first New Year’s holiday since the new coronavirus shifted to the 5th category, and flights and bullet trains are also crowded with families. In particular, crowding is expected due to people heading to destinations and hometowns.

In the midst of the end-of-year homecoming rush reaching its peak, there have been multiple rear-end collisions on the Kyushu Expressway, worsening the congestion. Particularly, the multiple accidents that occurred in Kurumetown, Fukuoka Prefecture, on the morning of the 29th have had a significant impact, causing various troubles.

In preparing for the New Year, NEXCO companies expect this year’s peak highway congestion to occur on December 29, 30, January 2 for outbound lanes and January 2, 3 for inbound lanes. If you are planning to travel or go home, please check the congestion information in advance and be mindful of safe driving.


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