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Announcement regarding the installation of water supply trucks around Himi City and the cooperation required from everyone

We have an important announcement for everyone in the vicinity of Himi City. We are planning to set up water supply trucks to address expected water resource issues. Details are as follows:

The date and time will be January 2nd, starting at 6 AM. This will allow water to be secured even early in the morning, so we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

We plan to set up at seven locations: Hokubu Junior High School, Miyata Elementary School, Juusan Junior High School, Nishinomori School, Kaifu Elementary School, Art and Cultural Center, and Himi City Hall. We will set up broadly so that those who need water in each region can use it.

Lines for the water supply truck are expected, so for those who come, please wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and pay attention to health measures while securing needed water.

The above plans may change depending on your area and situation, so please pay attention to the latest information.

We will take necessary measures with everyone’s safety and health as our top priority. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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